Affordable Stone Alternatives

  • Exterior Stone Projects

    Beautiful applications of Lightweight Stone Veneers to give Your Home that Stately Look that will last for Generations!

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  • Interior Stone Projects

    Wide Range of Interior Uses of Lightweight Stone Veneers can lend Luxury and Warmth to every area of Your Home, Cottage and Office
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  • Outdoor Living Projects

    Outdoor Recreation and Activities are Enhanced through the Ambiance provided by Stone Veneer applications and surrounds
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  • Natural Stone Projects

    Nothing looks better than Natural Stone veneers for that Elegant Appearance and Generated Ambiance that complements Your Home
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  • Stone Selex Showroom

    Come to our Extensive Showroom for a Wide Range and Incredible Display of Stone Veneers and Textures from which to Choose From
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Backyards Transformed

Easily accomplished with manufactured stone

Keep it Natural

Add a natural environment look

Backyard Stone Transformations

Unique Stone Textures

Designed for specific purposes and suited for different functions


For a more natural look and feel

Classic Cuts

Geometric structures for a Modern or Minimalist contemporary look